Curious about coaching with Julia?

Here’s what clients say:

Working with Julia felt safe. Co-creating with her felt inspired, and it challenged me to find language for my experiences and to allow myself to “not know” and to still dive into the unknown or the secreted-away. Her prompts were valuable in their compassionate approach and their searching scope.



I especially liked Julia’s down-to-earth presence, openness, and occasional humor that made it much more comfortable to talk about awkward or difficult subjects.



I started working with Julia a little over a year after I had my second child. My husband and I were rarely having sex, and when we did, it would hurt me or we would have other miscommunications and difficulties. I was afraid that this was the new normal, and that I wasn’t fulfilling my partner’s needs.
Julia helped me realize that many women go through this after having kids, and helped me slow down and connect with my body. After reframing intimacy and expectations, we even did a joint session with my husband. Results didn’t happen overnight, but we still use the communication techniques to this day. I can honestly say we enjoy a fun, love-filled, healthy sex life now. It doesn’t look the same as it did before the baby, but we’re ok with the evolution now. Thank you Julia!


South Carolina

“Julia has a great, relaxing demeanor that immediately puts me at ease. Even when we are dealing with difficult or heavy topics, I feel comfortable and safe. With her help, I have unlocked confidence and communication skills I didn’t know I possessed. With Julia, I have a free space to talk out any worries, fears, or obstacles I encounter, without feeling judged or censored. Everything is at my own pace, so if I need more time to unravel a difficult situation or roadblock, I am able to take the time to do so. She has helped me improve my body confidence, communication confidence, and overall self-confidence.”



Here’s what workshop participants say:

A small group was great to boost and amplify the good vibes. That was fun and inspirational!


Savannah, Georgia

Very informative, a lot of positive energy


Savannah, Georgia

Enjoyable- listening to (her) speak and feeling so joyful about it.


Savannah, Georgia

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