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Discovery Call

What DO you want, truly? Your personal discovery journey begins here, risk-free! Find out what Sexistential Coaching can do for you in this confidential phone consultation. It’s free, with no obligation to pursue coaching. I’ll ask you where things stand for you now, where you might be feeling stuck, and how you would like things to be for you, ideally. Not too tricky, right?

Plant Seeds

Coffee Break Consultation

Sometimes you need a knowledgable, non-judgmental person on your side when it comes to sexual topics. Maybe you want to talk to your doctor about an erectile issue or pain during intercourse, but you’re not sure how to broach the subject, or what questions to ask. Maybe you want a virtual tour of toy options on the market.  Or you’ve been considering anal play but don’t know the basics for safety and pleasure. These topics are perfect for a coffee break consultation!

Anytime you have a sex-related question and you want an accurate but personalized answer, you can send your question. We’ll set up a friendly chat to ensure you get the answer you deserve. You’ll receive a minimum of two suggestions or resources to help resolve your concern. Just $59 for 30 minutes


Blossom & Harvest

Individual & Couples Coaching (Virtual or in-person in Savannah, GA)

Whether one-on-one or together with your partner, coaching is always client-centered. Your knowledge, experiences, and feelings are valued and relied upon during  sessions. You define what your goals are and what it will look like to live in your full sexual confidence- a whole-person process that gets results in the bedroom and beyond. I bring my sexological expertise and coaching tools, and together we’re an unstoppable team. Uncover your pleasure-positive power, and watch your confidence grow like wildflowers.

If you’re not in a relationship but you’d like to make your (sex & relationship) life more fulfilling, this is a great opportunity to get 1:1 coaching. In a relationship and wondering whether 1:1 or couples coaching is best for your situation? Feel free to drop me a brief message over text or email, or you can give me a call.  Regardless of your situation, before we start working together, we’ll have a free initial consult, so book that today.

Sessions are virtual or in-person, so you can be anywhere in the world.

Pre-Game Pillow Talk: Essential Guided Practice for Couples

(Virtual or in-person in Savannah, GA)

Love doesn’t conquer all, and it doesn’t give your partner psychic powers to know what you want. Do you know what CAN conquer a whole lot of your bedroom doubt and doldrums? It’s this guided practice session! For happy couples who want a boost in their bedroom routine. We’ll cover your pre-game communication & negotiation tools, and you’ll get to actually try out your oral & aural skills (talking and listening, of course) in your 90 minute private guided session. Ready to find a new groove together? 

This is for you if you or your partner:

~ Clam up when it’s time to talk about sex together

~ Have an idea of what you want, but don’t know how to describe it

~ Feel some shame, embarrassment, or fear about what you like sexually

~ Worry about your partner’s judgment or rejection of your needs & desires

~ Worry that your partner will take your desires as criticism of them

What we’ll do together: 

~ Debunk some common myths about sex, fantasies, & how values play into that

~ Take a moment to focus on emotional safety, so you can feel more grounded and open if you get nervous about sexual topics

~ Practice shame-free, blame-free expression of boundaries

~ Add to your sexual vocabulary so you can describe what you want

~ Get simple formulas and prompts so you can confidently continue the lustful conversations

Please note:

~ No nudity or sexual activity happens in session (but that is highly encouraged afterwards)

~ This is coaching with a Certified Sexologist and Coach; this is not therapy

Get the keys to unlock your pre-game pillow talk for $365
That’s just a dollar a day for sexy tools that improve your love life all year long – or for years to come. 

Water Your Garden

Events & Personalized Moments

Nothing grows without attention and nourishment, so why would your intimate life be any different? Go to the events page to check out what fun, pleasure-positive events Julia is hosting, participating in, or recommending this month. If you’re hosting an event in the Savannah area and would like your friendly neighborhood Sexologist to speak (or just to hand out some free lube samples), drop a line!

Need some other support or want a personalized event for a small group? Reach out and share what you have in mind, and we can discuss what type of consultation or accompaniment you need.

Nurture a Forest
For health and wellness & social service providers

Consultations & Trainings Uniquely Designed for Your Organization

Do your clients or patients face situations where you, as the provider, need to discuss sexual health or healthy relationships? Do you wish it wasn’t so uncomfortable? You already know that implicit bias harms patients, even though you have the best intentions. You already know the research shows that shame and fear don’t bring better health to your clients. But knowing and being confident in your approach are different things. So it’s understandable that you or your staff still struggle with shame-free approaches when sex and relationship topics are involved. You’re dedicated to the people you serve, and because you want better health outcomes for them, you’re ready to dedicate a little time to these sensitive topics.

Whether you just need a brief consultation with a sexologist, or you want everyone on your team to feel confident when it comes to sexuality-related conversations with clients, find out what Sexistential Coaching can offer you. All trainings are uniquely tailored for your organization, taking into account your mission and values.

Ready for more? Schedule your free discovery call today!

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