Got Lube? Not just for your Grandma!

Just like you need chapstick or lotion, a body-safe, high-quality lubricant is a great, and sometimes necessary, addition. Many factors can affect vaginal lubrication, so use of a lube, no matter your age, may prevent friction, reduce the risk of pain, & enhance pleasure for everyone. Because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, lube is needed for anal play. 

I  recommend using a water-based or silicone-based lubricant free of parabens, glycerin, petroleum, & nonoxynol-9. Both types are compatible with latex condoms. 

Want a longer-lasting lubricant that’s safe for your body and high-quality?

For the best quality silicone-based lube, try überlube. Thicker and longer-lasting than water-based lube, überlube is great for relieving vaginal dryness, for play in the water, anal play, and basically everything EXCEPT play with silicone toys. Try it out by clicking the link below!

Sensitive? Looking for the most natural, high-quality lubricant that’s water based? 

Good Clean Love is the water-based lube that I most recommend. Body safe, free of toxic ingredients, and most similar to what the body produces, this brand is wonderful for everyone, including those who are most sensitive. 

Sexual Communication Episode

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Hedonism & Debauchery, anyone? 

Looking for a tool to spice up your date night and really get creative? Hedonism and Debauchery is a versatile, playful experience that works as a party game or a couples game. It that can be played online or in person, and you can join in on virtual game nights with other thrill seekers too. Consent is a crucial part of pleasure, so passing on something or adapting the play is a built-in part of the game, ensuring everyone can have a good time. Click below to find out more or to order your deck.

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