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About Julia

As a Sexologist certified by the American College of Sexologists, Julia happily spends her days busting myths and bringing taboo topics out into the sunshine. Certified as a Sex Coach by Sex Coach U, she doesn’t pathologize or diagnose anyone; she assesses your concerns and revels in showing you what’s RIGHT with you, and how to nurture that further.

Holding a BA in Sociology, she is likely to tell you just how common your concern is, citing statistics from the latest study. With a BA in Spanish & six years of living in small-town Mexico, she also offers coaching and consultations in español (and she might occasionally forget a word in English, but it always comes back to her).

As a self-proclaimed sex geek, she’s enthusiastic about the science and facts behind resolving your sexual concerns and building your sexual confidence. However, her most proud feat is putting you at ease about difficult and delicate matters- and hopefully adding your laughter to her hearty laugh in the process.

Currently based in Savannah, Georgia, she sees clients living anywhere in the world, thanks to virtual magic.

The Sexistential Story 

Julia is The Sexistential Coach because sexuality is essential to our existence. Your authentic sexual expression is crucial to living in pleasure and finding your personal power. Whether your sexual expression is currently solo or partnered, kinky or vanilla, monogamous or polyamorous, she wants you to experience it in ways that are pleasurable, positive, and powerful. (And duh- always consensual.)

She also considers herself “sexistential” because this work is her lifelong passion. She launched her career/love affair with sexology in 2000, as a sex educator for a peer-led program.Her experience includes creating and leading workshops & programs, training teens as sex educators, self-publishing a ‘zine, co-founding a self-care sexual health collective, co-facilitating groups, volunteering for sexual health and rights, and not least of all, coaching.

Rest assured, she isn’t *only* working for a more sex-positive world. She’s also a mother of two (so your parenting struggles are relatable, certainly). When she’s not working or parenting, you can find her blissfully cruising around on her bicycle, scribbling away in a notebook, hosting game nights, or reciting poetry at open mic.

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