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Julia satterlee

Sex & Relationship Coach – Sex Educator – Sexologist – Certified Member of the World Association of Sex Coaches

 Feeling stuck? Worried that somehow you’re doing it wrong? Keep cycling through the same old patterns in your relationships?

 What if you had more connection, pleasure, love, health, and joy, instead of frustration, doubt, shame, pain? 

When you step into your authentic pleasure, the positive results go far beyond the bedroom. Improving your relationships, your view of yourself, the way you experience your life. 

Maybe you don’t believe you truly deserve pleasure. Maybe it sounds too self-serving. Or it sounds nice, but you don’t have time for that! (Especially my fellow parents out there) But what if it is what’s been missing, and it is possible? 

Sex Coaching

Let’s work together to discover your most gratifying life, in the bedroom and beyond. Holistic sex coaching to overcome your roadblocks and delve into your desire. You already have your own answers; I’ve got the questions and tools to guide you there. 

What Is Sex Coaching?

Sex coaching, or sex and relationship coaching, is a process to help you imagine the sexual life you want, and figure out how to get there.

That might include: 

reconnecting as a couple

mastering erotic skills

discovering what you really want

expressing your desires to a partner

practices to appreciate your body

attaining or improving your climax

talking to your kids about sexuality

and much more  

Sex coaching is designed to help you overcome shame, misinformation, and other common issues that keep most of us from fully and  joyfully experiencing our sexuality.

Who is Sex Coaching For?

Sex coaching is for individuals and couples who want something more.









bliss, in the bedroom and beyond


Sex coaching is for all of us who didn’t get holistic, comprehensive, accurate, non-judgmental, positive, emotionally well-rounded, pleasure-inclusive sex education growing up.

(Yep, that’s pretty much all of us.) 


You are not the problem; the problem is hoping to magically have fabulous sex lives and relationships after a lifetime of negative messages about  sexuality.  

How does it work?

My brand of sex coaching is talk-based coaching. I assess where you are now in your sex and relationships, and I dare you to dream up your hottest, most enriching and fulfilling future life. Together, we decide on the best ways to get you on that path.

 Still have questions?  Ask and you shall receive answers!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sex coaching a type of therapy?

No, sex coaching is not therapy. We do not diagnose or treat pathology; we assess your concerns and help guide you to a workable solution. We discuss emotions but we don’t do deep emotional processing. We also focus our work on getting you to the future that you want, rather than focusing on the past.  There are some similarities, including the use of some tried and true techniques from sex therapy. 

How is sex coaching different from sex therapy?

Both sex therapists and sex coaches specialize in the study of human sexuality. Therapy is a different type of process than coaching (see above for more details), although sex coaching certainly uses many of the tried and true techniques from sex therapy for working on sexual concerns. Sex therapists are licensed therapists first, whereas there is currently no mandatory licensing for coaches of any kind. However, there are professional organizations that certify coaches, including the World Association of Sex Coaches. 

Does the coach observe us in the bedroom?

No! I know for some, it may conjure up the image of  someone hovering over you with a whistle, directing the action and shouting suggestions. That is not how it’s done. Coaching sessions are talk-based, with home assignments that you do on your own. 

Shouldn't I see a doctor?

Yes, in many situations it’s helpful or even necessary to see a medical doctor. If you have an issue that’s purely medical, great! Often, however, our lives are more complex and we need more comprehensive care than what a physician is trained to give. Most professionals have very little training in human sexuality. Sex coaches work together with doctors, therapists, chiropractors, bodyworkers, and many other types of healers to make sure we’re finding the most comprehensive solutions for you.  

If I have a partner, do we both need to participate in coaching sessions?

It depends. Sometimes it’s necessary in order for the relationship to grow, but don’t worry if you want to get started and your partner is not yet on board with the idea. We can assess the situation together and decide what level of participation is needed. 

Individual and Couples Coaching

Feeling like your sex life, your body, your life just isn’t what you’d like it to be? Ready to make it happen?

Ask a Sexologist

Have a sex-related question and you’re not sure which internet sources are accurate? Maybe you’re preparing for a urology or ob/gyn appointment and need some help knowing what to ask. Or you’re interested in a new toy but the local adult shop seems less-than-friendly, and the options online are overwhelming. Contact me!

Workshops and Group Sessions

Stay tuned for fun, interactive workshops in the Savannah area and online!

Free Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts to Get Sexistential!

Make sexual health and expression part of your whole, fabulous life! Blog coming soon.    ; )

Wondering what coaching with Julia is like?

I especially liked Julia’s down-to-earth presence, openness, and occasional humor that made it much more comfortable to talk about awkward or difficult subjects.


Georgia, USA

Working with Julia felt safe. Co-creating with her felt inspired, and it challenged me to find language for my experiences and to allow myself to “not know” and to still dive into the unknown or the secreted-away. Her prompts were valuable in their compassionate approach and their searching scope. 


Kentucky, USA

I started working with Julia a little over a year after I had my second child. My husband and I were rarely having sex, and when we did, it would hurt me or we would have other miscommunications and difficulties. I was afraid that this was the new normal, and that I wasn’t fulfilling my partner’s needs. 

Julia helped me realize that many women go through this after having kids, and helped me slow down and connect with my body. After reframing intimacy and expectations, we even did a joint session with my husband. Results didn’t happen overnight, but we still use the communication techniques to this day. I can honestly say we enjoy a fun, love-filled, healthy sex life now. It doesn’t look the same as it did before the baby, but we’re ok with the evolution now. Thank you Julia!


South Carolina, USA

About Me

 I’m a bilingual mom of two, a writer, and a long-time educator with a passion for human rights. I hold a BA in Sociology and a BA in Spanish.  I am a Certified Sex Coach and a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches. 

My roots are in Louisville, Kentucky, working in sex education and social justice movements since 2000. In sexuality-related fields, I’ve worked as a peer educator, a program developer, and a workshop facilitator and trainer.  I’ve worked with teenagers and with adults, in both English and Spanish. My volunteer roles have included publishing my own ‘zine about sexuality, providing support to patients at an abortion clinic, and co-founding a sexual health collective with a self-care model.  I’ve also had the privilege of using my dynamic, interactive teaching style in teaching English to adults from all over the world.

I  strongly believe that sexuality is a holistic, intrinsic and vital part of our selves and our well-being, and that sexual health and expression are basic rights and intrinsic to our wellness. I love helping people gain skills and find their confidence.  I am LGBTQ+  friendly, kink-aware, culturally sensitive, and non-judgmental about all consensual expressions of sexuality. I love to collaborate with people from many different backgrounds and walks of life. 

I currently reside in Savannah, Georgia, where in my free time you can often find me reciting spoken word at an open mic or soaking up sunshine on my bicycle – when I’m not in mama mode, that is.

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