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What Is Sex & Relationship Coaching with Julia?

Who You Are, What You Want, & How to Get It.

Not experiencing magic in the bedroom? Does your sex life resemble more of a mine field or a ghost town rather than a field of dreams? That’s actually pretty normal, but you don’t have to stay that way. The good news is that sexual confidence is learned, not something you’re born with. Relationship skills, communication skills, erotic skills- all of that is learned, and usually the hard way, if it’s learned at all. Often we have learned instead to be ashamed of our desires, to believe our body isn’t good enough, to distrust our own feelings. It’s not just about sex; exploring our bodies, unearthing our desires, communicating about our deepest selves is ground-shaking, core-building work. But relax, because first we’ll giggle & belly-laugh. We’ll scoff & roll our eyes together at the absurd messages we’ve been taught. I’ll be there to accompany you the whole way, so you can cultivate your hopes & dreams- erotically empowered, grounded in pleasure and purpose.

Sexistential Purpose:

“Let us prepare ourselves.

Let us do so by relearning how important we are, how beautiful we are, and how we are desired beyond our wildest imaginings.

And let us, as best we can, go out into the world to teach others, how important they are, how beautiful they are, and how they too are desired beyond their wildest imaginings.”

-M. Scott Peck

Your Invitation


Discovery Call – $ priceless

Come find out for yourself that this sex coach doesn’t bite! Curious about how coaching could help you get the type of sexual confidence you want? On this confidential, introductory phone consultation, we discuss your concerns and hopes for change. You learn what to expect and make sure you feel confident about working with Julia to make those changes.

Coffee Break Consultation – $59

A taste of the confidential, non-judgmental space that sex & relationship coaching provides. Just have a question that you need a personalized answer to, but you’re not ready to dive in to coaching? Maybe you need a short, guided explanation about something like toys or lube. Get accurate answers with at least two resources or specific suggestions to address your concern.

Individual Coaching Packages – $ varied

Guided, safe space to explore who you are, what you want, and how to get it. Ready to abandon the fear that you’re doing this thing all wrong, or that maybe you’re broken? (Spoiler alert: You’re not broken.) Personalized assessment and plans to meet your goals, delivered in hour-long coaching sessions every week or every two weeks. All sessions are talk-based; there is no nudity, touch, or erotic stimulation.

Couples Coaching Packages – $ varied

Rediscover and rebuild your connection together. Ready to break out of harmful patterns? Are both of you too sensitive about your current sex life to even discuss it on your own? (Proven facts: You’re not alone in that.) Assessment and plans tailored to your relationship goals, with a mix of individual and joint coaching sessions. All sessions are talk-based; there is no nudity, touch, or erotic stimulation.

Why Sex & Relationship Coaching?

You can utilize coaching to:

~ discover your desires ~

~ communicate your desires ~

~ expand your capacity for pleasure ~

~ value & appreciate your body ~

~ improve your experience with orgasms ~

~ reconnect as a couple ~

We work together so you can:

~ navigate the changes in your sex life & identity, postpartum & beyond – whether you’re a new parent, you now have a nearly-empty nest, or anywhere in between ~

~ explore the wonders of bdsm – whether you’re just curious and want to safely learn the basics (don’t rely on fictional movies), or you’re an experienced practitioner needing a knowledgable & nonjudgmental professional ~

~ recreate your partnership with fresh eyes – whether you’re just looking to spice things up, are thinking of opening your relationship, or are facing some challenges in an already open relationship ~

Side effects may include being able to:

~ focus on what’s RIGHT with you instead of what’s wrong ~

~ get out of your head and into your body ~

~ experience more joy and connection ~

~ redefine and personalize what meaningful relationships look like for you ~

~ create new habits and patterns in the ways you relate to yourself & others ~

~ move from shame, fear, and “lack” mentality to curiosity and confidence ~

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